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What is a bird?

There are more than 9,000 species of birds alive today, occupying all of the world's continents and habitats! The dazzling diversity of the world's birds is one of nature's wonders. Birds seem to come in almost every conceivable size, form and color – not to mention behavior and lifestyle! Yet despite their amazing variety and diversity, all birds have one unique characteristic: feathers.



These are a few of the characteristics that define most birds.

  • Feathers

    A bird's feathers protect its skin from moisture, cold and injury, and they allow it to fly!

  • Flight

    Birds' front limbs have evolved into wings. Their bones are hollow, which make them light enough for flight.

  • Warm-blooded

    Birds can keep a constant internal temperature.

  • Eggs

    All birds lay eggs with hard shells.

Please note not all animals are viewable at all times.

Birds at the Zoo