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What is a mammal?

Not just lions, tigers, and bears, there are more than 5,000 known species of mammals alive today! There are three major groups of mammals: monotremes (egg-laying mammals), marsupials (pouched mammals) and placentals (mammals whose babies develop inside the mother's womb, fed by a placenta). By far the largest group is the placentals – that is where people fit in!



These are a few of the characteristics that define most mammals.

  • Milk

    Young suckle milk from their mothers.

  • Warm-blooded

    Mammals can keep a constant internal temperature.

  • Hair

    Mammals use hair or fur to control their body temperature.

  • Big Brains

    Mammals have larger brains than other vertebrates of similar size and seem to be the most capable learners.

Please note not all animals are viewable at all times.

Mammals at the Zoo