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We are dedicated to conserving animals here and around the world.

At the Saint Louis Zoo, we care about animals and creating a sustainable future for them. Conservation takes teamwork. From big actions like fieldwork and hands-on research, to simple steps like putting up a birdfeeder, everyone has a role to play and everyone can help. Learn about some of the ways we are helping animals and how you can participate in conservation, too.


We work locally and globally to protect animals and the land, air and water they depend upon. Together with collaborators, we’re saving animals from extinction and helping build resilient, thriving communities.

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We advocate for animals and the habitats they need to thrive by actively engaging communities to care for the natural world, protect wildlife and support community well-being through our actions. ​

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Our scientists are solving conservation challenges through rigorous research in labs, at the Zoo and in nature.

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Do-It-Yourself Conservation

Our daily actions and purchases can affect wildlife and habitats all over the world. You can personally help protect wildlife by doing earth-friendly activities as part of your daily life. If you want to get deeply involved with helping the environment, think about joining a conservation organization, volunteering your time to conservation projects or writing your legislators when you have an opinion about pending legislation on environmental, land use and other issues.

Do-It-Yourself Conservation

How We Conserve Resources

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Bye to Bags

The Zoo has created the #byetobags pledge to come together to protect wildlife from the dangers of plastic pollution. The average family can keep 1,500 plastic bags from being used each year by switching to reusable bags! As of December 1, 2021, over 14,000 people have taken the #byetobags pledge to switch to reusable bags and are saving between 140,000 and 410,000 plastic bags from being used each week! Join us and help this number grow!

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Explore articles and research findings related to our conservation efforts.

We not only participate and advocate, but we publish our findings and share those with you.

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September 30, 2021

Our Animals

Dedicated to Animal Care Series: Preventive Care

On Sept. 29, 2021, adult male chimpanzee "Jimiyu" was the first animal at our Zoo to be vaccinated against COVID-19. Over the next few months, we plan to administer the two-dose COVID-19 vaccine in a staged roll-out to almost 100 primates, big cats, river otters, painted dogs and bat-eared foxes, all of which carry a potential risk of being infected by SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19 disease.