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Magpie Robin

Copsychus saularis

Did you know?

  • This bird prefers areas with evergreen trees and lots of shade.
  • Its favorite foods include insects and their larvae, fruit, nectar from flowers, earthworms and spiders.
  • To entice a female, a male will puff up his feathers, raise his bill and strut around.
  • A female typically lays two to five eggs.
  • Magpie robins sometimes mimic other birds’ calls.

National Bird

The magpie robin is the national bird of Bangladesh.

Team Work

When nesting, females spend more time feeding chicks, while males spend more time defending their territory and nest.

Threat Level

  • Unknown
  • Common
  • Near Threatened
  • Threatened
  • Endangered
  • Critically Endangered
  • Extinct in the Wild


The Magpie Robin is widespread and abundant.


Tropical southern Asia


Open woodlands, forest, cultivated areas and urban gardens

We care about magpie robins

The Saint Louis Zoo supports magpie robins at the Bird House and Bird Garden.

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Historic Hill

Historic Hill is a lovely stroll through one of the oldest parts of the Saint Louis Zoo. From the 1904 World’s Fair Flight Cage to the Spanish architectural flavor of the 1920s in the Bird House, Primate House and Herpetarium to the finishing touches of our thoroughly modern exhibits, this area of the Zoo has a unique ambiance and a nostalgic history that make it a great destination.

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