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Nile Lechwe

Kobus megaceros

Did you know?

  • Nile lechwe are part of the Bovidae family, which they share with bison and buffalo.
  • They are also known as, "Mrs. Gray’s waterbuck."
  • They live in the watershed of the Nile River.
  • They are aquatic antelope and well-adapted to living around water.
  • A female will have one calf at a time.

Aquatic Antelope

Nile lechwes live in the Nile River Valley, an area that surrounds the Nile River. They are aquatic antelope, strong swimmers, and adept at maneuvering in swampy, muddy habitats.

Young and Family

Nile lechwes are sexually dimorphic. Unlike females, males develop a dark coat as they mature. Females and juveniles boast blond coloration. These antelope live in herds with multiple males and females. A female will often birth one calf per year, during the winter.

Threat Level

  • Unknown
  • Common
  • Near Threatened
  • Threatened
  • Endangered
  • Critically Endangered
  • Extinct in the Wild


Nile lechwes face a very high risk of extinction in the wild.


South Sudan and a small area in Ethiopia


Grasslands and wetlands in the Nile River Valley

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