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February 24, 2021


Zoo experts could be breakout stars in race against future pandemics

This Year of the Pandemic has been unrelentingly cruel, but there are a few things it wasn't: unexpected, unforeseen or a surprise.

October 29, 2020

Our Animals

Ode to the Tasmanian Devil

A poem by Shannon Santangelo, Children's Zoo Keeper.

September 04, 2020

Our Animals

Utamu: Path to Motherhood

Utamu was born on December 20, 2001, in Florida at the Miami Metrozoo (now called Zoo Miami). She first arrived at the Saint Louis Zoo as a juvenile chimpanzee in early 2007 along with her mother Rosebud.

March 16, 2020

Our Animals

Saint Louis Zoo Monkey Mania

March is bananas at the Zoo! Join us in celebrating the Saint Louis Zoo’s Monkey Mania! Our primate keepers have selected eight monkey species to be featured in a friendly online voting competition.

February 18, 2020

Our Animals

Love Birds

We often use the term “lovebirds” to describe an openly affectionate couple in public. The term could probably be traced to the bird species as they are known for being extremely caring toward one another; lovebird is the common name of a small genus of parrot, Agapornis.

December 05, 2019


Notes From The Field - Armenia

By Mark Wanner, Zoological Manager of Herpetology and Aquatics, and Justin Elden, Herpetarium Keeper

December 04, 2019


International Cheetah Day 2019

Happy #InternationalCheetah Day! The Saint Louis Zoo is celebrating the magnificence of the cheetah, raising awareness of the threats cheetahs face in the wild and educating visitors about the amazing conservation efforts to #SaveTheCheetah!

December 03, 2019

Our Animals

Firehose Enrichment at the Saint Louis Zoo

Enrichment at the Saint Louis Zoo is an integral part of the daily husbandry of our animals. Enrichment can come in the form of objects, new experiences in animals' habitats or even food items presented in challenging ways.

November 14, 2019

Our Animals

Using Dynamic Lights to Provide Chuckwallas with Sunrise, Sunset

Every animal in a zoo, big or small, receives enrichment, but enrichment isn’t always new objects or special foods. For some species, enrichment can be the addition of new perches to provide exercise, access to areas with higher temperatures and different vantage points to explore.

November 01, 2019


One Health Day 2019

Animal health, human health and conservation go hand in hand. In our work, we study all these aspects to better understand the interconnectedness of health for all life on our planet. This defines the concept of One Health. And guess what? November 3 is #InternationalOneHealthDay!

October 23, 2019


Representing the Hellbender in Virginia

This summer has been a blur for me and the other hellbender keepers of the Ron Goellner Center for Hellbender Conservation, part of the Saint Louis Zoo WildCare Institute. Preparing for our seasonal routine of releasing hellbenders into the wild with the Missouri Department of Conservation made for an extremely busy summer.

January 17, 2019


Helping the Cuban Crocodile

Last month, a team of reptile and health specialists from four zoos accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA), led by Jamie Palmer, Saint Louis Zoo Institution for Conservation Medicine technician, and Lauren Augustine, Curator of Herpetology at the Saint Louis Zoo, traveled to Matanzas province, Cuba, to conduct health evaluations on Cuban crocodiles at the Zapata Crocodile Farm (ZCF).
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