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Stingrays at Caribbean Cove presented by SSM Health

Closed for the season. Stingrays and sharks will return in spring 2023.

Guest can watch, touch and occasionally feed the unique and fascinating stingrays as they glide through a warm saltwater pool in this habitat! The sharks are a little too shy for petting, but you may be lucky enough to have one touch you briefly as it swims by. Stingrays at Caribbean cove is a seasonal habitat.

Animals of this Habitat

Admission and Pricing

  • $3.95 per person (ages 2+) during all hours of Zoo operation; Children under age 2 are free.
  • Groups of 15 or more may receive discounted admission with advance reservations through the Group Tickets Office.
  • Food for feeding stingrays is $1 per cup. Food can be purchased at the Stingray Ticket Booth prior to entry.
  • Zoo members at the Family/Grandparent Level and above may use their premium members tickets for admission.
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Marine Animal Conservation

Stingrays and other ocean animals are often accidentally caught during commercial fishing for other fish. It is important that consumers purchase seafood from suppliers that farm or fish in ways that will ensure the long-term health of the world's oceans, rivers and lakes. Our stingrays and sharks eat fish that are from sustainable sources, and so should you!

You are invited to join the Zoo in helping take care of the planet.

Help marine animals by:

  • Disposing of waste properly and avoiding using plastic bags.
  • Conserving water and energy use.
  • Recycling paper, plastic, aluminum and glass.
  • Reducing the amount of chemicals used in your lawn and garden.
  • Promoting ride share or bike programs, changing zoning laws or starting a community garden.
  • Using the Monterey Bay Aquarium Foundation's Seafood Watch Program to make select sustainable seafood.

About Living Exhibits

Animal and veterinary care for the stingrays is supervised by a full-time exhibit supervisor and an assistant exhibit supervisor from Living Exhibits, a Las Vegas-based corporation that produces and manages interactive exhibits for zoos, aquariums and museums.