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June 04, 2020

Saint Louis Zoo Stands in Solidarity Against Racial Injustice

What has been happening to African-Americans is unacceptable. As a member of the community for over 110 years, the Saint Louis Zoo acknowledges the pain, the suffering, and the grieving from the African-American community and other communities of color.

It has gone on for far too long and we must work together to end it now.

The Saint Louis Zoo stands in solidarity in the fight against systemic racism and injustice. We support and plea for fundamental changes to our society that will guarantee racial equity and social justice. Until the African-American community and other communities of color can live without fear for their lives, we cannot treasure the diversity of life that we depend on and need. We cannot advocate for the preservation of the Earth's biodiversity without advocating for and cherishing social diversity.

As we move forward together, know that when we say that the Saint Louis Zoo remains free, we are not just referring to entrance fees. We will do everything in our power to be a place that remains free of racial inequality, free of intolerance, and free of violence. A place that stands for the diversity of life and treasures it in all its many forms.

The Saint Louis Zoo is and should always be a safe place. We will continue to provide our community a refuge for reflection, healing, and a connection with the natural world.

Take care. We will see you soon.