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How Will You Be Remembered?

Many people like to leave a gift to charity through their will or trust because they care about the organizations that are important in their lives and they wish to express their values.

Would you consider remembering the Saint Louis Zoo in your will or trust, or by beneficiary designation?

Help shape the future of the Saint Louis Zoo with your legacy gift!

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Saint Louis Zoo Heritage Society

The Heritage Society recognizes donors with legacy gift plans for the Zoo's future through the Endowment. This voluntary recognition society connects those who love the Zoo and want to support it forever. If you are planning to remember the Zoo in this way, we invite you to become a member.

Saint Louis Zoo Endowment

Established in 2004, the Zoo's Endowment provides an annual stream of support to Zoo operations, camp and preschool scholarships, animal care, landscaping, visitor amenities, volunteers and staff. Named endowed funds may be established in one's name or to honor loved ones. Read about those who have established named funds to benefit the Zoo in perpetuity.

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