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Join us for our first Endangered Species Day!

While enjoying a fun day at the Zoo, learn how we’re working to save hundreds of species, both here and around the world. Please join us and see conservation work from a whole new perspective.

Friday, May 19, 2023

10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Free for all guests

Be sure to check out:

  • Tables with Zoo experts who will talk about different endangered species, what their respective threats are and how you can help
  • Children’s activities that highlight 15 specific Zoo animals that are endangered
  • Scheduled keeper chats, where you can meet members of our animal care team
  • Opportunities to see different animals, such as Grevy’s zebras and African painted dogs, enjoying enrichment
  • Animal species for adoption through our Zoo Parents Program – plus an interactive activity that helps you select your perfect Endangered Species Day animal to adopt
  • Themed food and drink specials
  • Sustainable merchandise in our gift shops that benefit animals’ natural habitats and communities that coexist with endangered species

Want to help endangered animals before the event?

  • Bring a wish list item to Endangered Species Day! There are several enrichment items we’ve included that benefit our animals’ well-being. We’ll have gift drop-offs at both Zoo entrances.
  • Check out some easy animal-friendly actions you can do as part of your daily routine. Our actions and purchases can make a difference for wildlife and their habitats around the world.

Featured Animals

Here is a sampling of animals featured at this event.

  • Horned Guan

  • Bali Myna

  • Painted Dog

  • Red Panda

  • Ozark Hellbender

  • Armenian Viper

  • Monarch Butterfly

  • Partula Snail

  • Coquerel’s Sifaka

  • Western Lowland Gorilla

  • Black Rhino

  • Addax

  • Speke’s Gazelle

  • American Red Wolf

  • Grevy’s Zebra