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A City Within A City

Some members of our community refer to the Saint Louis Zoo as a “city within a city.” Like a city, we have all sorts of important roles that directly influence its success. Many of you know about the role of our Keepers. Did you know that we have many more roles that are just as important? We have electricians, horticulturists, HVAC technicians, plumbers, carpenters. We have employees who work in security, retail and guest services. We have chefs, medics and food service employees. We have employees that work in housekeeping and grounds. We have cash room and IT professionals.

Like any other city, the Saint Louis Zoo has a mission, values and keys. Read More Here

Are you interested in working in any of the roles listed above? Do you believe in the mission? Do your own values align with ours? If so, please apply!

Apply Here.

Whether it’s your first job ever or you’re seeking an opportunity as a retirement job, we have opportunities for you. We hope that you find more than a job at the Saint Louis Zoo. More so, we hope you find a career. The opportunities are here!