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Helen Clawitter

Endocrinology Technician


B.S.—Biology, Washington University in St. Louis

Areas of Expertise

Radioimmunoassay and Enzymeimmunoassay methods
Animal behavior monitoring
Reproductive and stress physiology

About Helen Clawitter

Helen Clawitter is a trained technician in the Saint Louis Zoo's endocrinology lab. Her expertise lies in performing and validating radioimmunoassays and enzymeimmunoassays for hormone measurements in biological samples. Additionally, she has gained valuable experience in performing animal behavior monitoring and reproductive assessments for numerous mammalian and avian species. She is currently pursuing a thesis Master's Degree in Biology at University of Missouri-St. Louis. Her research focus is reproductive hormone monitoring in chelonian species to quantify normal patterns in breeding pairs, as well as presence/absence of sperm in chelonian eggs that do not show signs of embryonic development. As the endocrine lab technician, Helen has been involved in research projects such as equid pregnancy characterization and novel avian reproductive cycle monitoring. For more information about her research, please see her ResearchGate profile.