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Death's Head Cockroach

Blaberus craniifer

Did you know?

  • Death's head cockroaches are part of the Blaberidae family, which they share with other giant roaches.
  • Their name comes from the skull-like marking on their head.
  • They live in Central America and parts of southern Florida.
  • They are omnivores.
  • Due to their 'spooky' coloration, they are sometimes kept as pets.


Cockroaches are nocturnal insects with flattened bodies adapted for squeezing into narrow hiding places. They among the most successful insects in the world, and they were already common long before the dinosaurs appeared.


Death's head cockroaches have a dark black coloration on their wings, with a light-brown head which boasts a black skull-like marking.

Threat Level

  • Unknown
  • Common
  • Near Threatened
  • Threatened
  • Endangered
  • Critically Endangered
  • Extinct in the Wild


The status of the Death's Head Cockroach is unknown.


Central America and parts of southern Florida


Forest and wooded areas

we care about death's head cockroaches

The Saint Louis Zoo takes care of death's head cockroaches in the Insectarium at the Zoo. Learn more about how we are helping wildlife around the world.

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