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Spotted Tilapia

Pelmatolapia mariae

Did you know?

  • Tilapia are in the cichlid family. Cichlids are a large and diverse family of fish, with estimations of over 2,000 living species.
  • Spotted tilapia have simple food requirements, highly tolerably of environmental variability, and high fecundity (potential for reproduction), so when in captivity, they can have rapid propagation.
  • This species is monogamous, in which bonded pairs will engage in biparental care. Research has shown that the size of eggs increase when the parents increase the amount of care.
  • This species feed mostly on plant material.
  • Their standard length is 1 foot.

Threat Level

  • Unknown
  • Common
  • Near Threatened
  • Threatened
  • Endangered
  • Critically Endangered
  • Extinct in the Wild


Spotted tilapia are widespread and abundant.


Their geographic distribution ranges from the Central and West African countries of Ghana, Benin, and Cameroon. They have invasive ranges in Florida and Australia.


Spotted tilapia diverse habitats, residing in still or fast-flowing waters, deep or shallow lakes, and in areas with no coverage or rocky and debris-strewn.

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