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St. Louis Zoological Park Subdistrict Commission

The Missouri State Legislature established the Zoo Subdistrict Commission, a subdistrict of the ZMD, as the Zoo's governing authority. Five members of the Commission reside in the City and five members reside in the County. The Commission has the fiduciary and management responsibility for the well-being of the Zoo.


  • Lawrence E. Thomas


  • Chonda J. Nwamu


  • Will R. Ross, MD, MPH

Immediate Past Chair

  • Cynthia J. Brinkley


  • Vincent Bennett
  • Karl A. Grice
  • Robert R. Hermann, Jr.
  • Jerald L. Kent
  • Robert F. O'Loughlin
  • Neal F. Perryman
  • Winthrop B. Reed, III
  • Michael W. Riney

Chair Emeritus

  • Honorable James F. Conway
  • Steven F. Schankman
  • Mark J. Schnuck

Updated January 2024

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