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April 08, 2022

Emerson Dinoroarus Opens New Features at Saint Louis Zoo

Emerson Dinoroarus (DIE-noh-ROAR-us), the highly popular and dynamic temporary exhibit at the Saint Louis Zoo, opens on Friday, April 8, bigger and better than before. The exhibit experienced a soft-opening on Friday, March 18, 2022, with some features unavailable until now. It runs through Monday, October 31, 2022.

New in 2022

In addition to the animatronic and stationary dinosaurs from last season, guests will encounter the following new experiences!

  • The never-before-seen spikey dinosaur euoplocephalus (located in the Dino Dig area)
  • The Dino Dig, a space with a magnetic Dino Wall and more digging opportunities
  • The Dino Play playground
  • Enhanced educational offerings

Admission to Dinoroarus

All tickets to Dinoroarus must be purchased in-person at the Zoo. Tickets may be purchased and picked up at Zoo entrances or any attraction ticket booth.

  • General Admission Ticket — General admission tickets are $5.95 per person for ages 2 and up (free for children under age 2).
  • Zoo Member Admission Tickets — Zoo members may use their member benefits for free admission to Dinoroarus.
  • Adventure Pass — Dinoroarus is included in the Adventure Pass ($14.95).

Zoo Reservations Required to Visit

All Zoo guests, including those who wish to experience Dinoroarus, must make a free, timed reservation online in advance to enter the Zoo. Visit to make a reservation up to seven days prior to the date of visit. Zoo reservations do not include tickets to Dinoroarus.

The Dinoroarus Experience

Dinoroarus is a seasonal exhibit. It will continue at the Zoo while the Zoo reimagines and redevelops the approximately 3-acre area into a new, permanent family and children's area, which will continue the Zoo's mission of connecting families and children with animals.

This engaging attraction for all ages features 14 different groupings of animatronic and stationary dinosaurs — colorful, prehistoric creatures that move realistically, some roaring and spitting or placidly munching on the lush vegetation. The dinosaurs and other ancient species representing a vast span of geological time include: a euoplocephalus (yoo-plow-seh-fuh-luhs), a life-size triceratops (tri-SERR-uh-tops), 12-foot-tall tyrannosaurus rex (tie-RAN-oh-SORE-us REX), giant stork-like quetzalcoatlus (ket-zel-KWAT-lus), an 18-foot-tall brachiosaurus (brack-ee-oh-SORE-us), nest of duck-billed parasaurolophus babies (PAR-ah-saw-RAH-lo-fuss) and many more. Plus, observe a staged fossil dig site and learn all about fossils.

New features of this exhibit include a never-before seen dinosaur euoplocephalus, the Dino Play playground, the Dino Dig with multiple digging opportunities, an animal space with North American river otters, and more!

Other live animals to meet include fish, moon jellies, sea stars, urchins, sponges, coral and anemones.

Membership and More Information

To become a Zoo member and receive free admission to Dinoroarus, visit

The Zoo is open daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. for guests with advance Zoo reservations. See for details on summer and holiday hours.

Visit for more information on Dinoroarus.

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